The LAB_ARTENSO is dedicated to experimentation, creation, and production of collaborative digital cultural mediation projects.

Since its early months of operation, the ARTENSO research centre has sought to offer innovative solutions to the professional needs of co-development and collaborative-learning mediators.

Through the stages of reflection on and evaluation of the community’s needs, a response gradually emerged, embodied in the creation of a unifying, structuring, and innovative centre for those in the cultural mediation field, whether emerging or established: the LAB_ARTENSO.


LAB_ARTENSO has two main sections:


1) The incubator


In October 2021, the LAB_ARTENSO incubator was inaugurated and a first cohort of 4 teams and their project was welcomed. Through the sharing of ideas, practices and modalities of co-creation and prototyping of digital mediation experiences, the participants explored the links between cultural mediation, digital devices and collaborative processes, all driven by the theme of geolocation, mapping and storytelling. The 4 teams will continue to be accompanied until January 2022 through a series of meetings and mentoring sessions that will culminate in the realization of visible and experimentable project prototypes on a web interface. A 2nd cohort will be welcomed in spring 2022.


Selected teams : 


– Jean-Philippe Luckhust-Cartier, Gabrielle Desgagné-Duclos et Charlotte Panaccio-Letendre, Projet VCA

– Pilar Hernandez, Rafael Benitez et Yaen Tijerina, Histoires NDG

– Delphine Bouteiller, Martin Fortier et Lysandre Murphy-Gauthier, Raconte-moi ton parc

– Martine Hilaire, Keven Lefebvre et Christian Toussaint, Promenade Intergénérationnelles

2) The studio


ARTENSO is looking for partner(s) to found the LAB_ARTENSO studio that would make available to the community of mediators digital tools, catalogs of inspiring projects and prototypes of digital mediations for on-site experimentation.


While it will initially be set up to meet the ongoing training needs of mediators, the Studio would gradually like to open up to the community according to membership arrangements that are currently being defined.





More information will be made available here as the project is implemented.


For more information:
Zoé Gagnon-Paquin, responsable de l’incubateur