Cultural mediation in francization programs

During the ARTENSO 101 workshop, organized at Cégep de Saint-Laurent in March 2019, professors, professionals, and partners made known their desire to work together on, among other things, projects related to intercultural encounters. It was observed that the college already incorporates a major component of cultural mediation practice responding to the goals of socialization and citizen participation. A portion of these activities is offered to francization students and to students in the Tremplin DEC pour immigrants allophones (springboard college diploma for allophone immigrants). In addition, the college offers numerous cultural and intercultural activities related to specific or recurring initiatives, such as thematic weeks. These activities are open to the entire college community. Organized mainly by the student services, they reflect the composition of the student body and are intended as an awareness-raising tool for citizen education. However, these activities have not been well documented, and the college community as a whole is not very familiar with them. This document, produced by ARTENSO, is a first attempt to inventory, document, and understand artistic and cultural interventions intended for francization groups.