Cultural mediation, open innovation, and digital culture

How can collaborative approaches and digital devices contribute to innovation in cultural mediation processes?

Partnership research with the Living Lab on open innovation at Cégep de Rivière-du-Loup


December 2019

ARTENSO is partnering with another college research and transfer centre, LLio, a laboratory that facilitates open innovation, creative collaboration, and the emergence of collective intelligence to guide organizational transformations with all stakeholders.


The two centres share a number of values, principles, and approaches, notably on contemporary forms of learning and transfer that place individuals’ participation at the core of these processes. The two entities now want to pool their expertise to generate new knowledge and experience in their common fields of practice, notably those of active pedagogy and participatory citizenship.


This joint research-action project aims to put the processes of collaboration and co-creation into perspective in order to have cultural mediation evolve in innovative ways. Building on the professional needs expressed by mediators and a survey of practices and trends in cultural mediation and open innovation, a repertoire of experiences and a kit of prototype digital tools to simulate their use in given situations will be produced.


Implementation of the research-action project includes support for an innovation cell composed of a group of mediators and the research team. The objective is to produce a set of common experiential and digital repertoires, also called “frontier objects,” to facilitate learning and transmission among heterogeneous social groups.



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Research team


Artenso :
Eva Quintas, Executive Director
Elsa Fortant, Assistant Director
Sylvain Martet, Professional Researcher
LLio :
David Guimont, Co-coordinator
Jean-François Jasmin, Professional Researcher