Sara Roger

Operations coordinator

Sara Roger has worked, among other missions, for more than six years for La Villette and the Théâtre Paris-Villette in Paris as a public relations and mediation manager. In this capacity, she actively participated in various consultation networks: Transvers’Arts (culture-education); 193 Soleils (culture-early childhood); Parcourir La Villette (culture-socio-education); Accès culture France (culture-disability); La Mission Vivre Ensemble (culture-social development); Politiques de la Ville de Paris (culture-local development); Ticket-Théâtres (culture-companies); and La Fondation de la Maison des champs (culture-elderly people). Trained in dramaturgy, cultural and artistic action and performing arts production, she is currently pursuing graduate studies in community action and social work at the University of Montreal.