Artist residencies in digital businesses

Research partnership with the Conseil québécois des arts médiatiques

Sylvain Martet
Raquel Cruz-Crespo

Spring 2020

This research is aimed at developing knowledge about specific issues of artist residencies in companies, particularly in digital businesses. Particular attention is paid to the evaluation of their effects, both for the artists and for the hosting structures and their workers. In Québec, artist residency programs in companies are relatively rare, and no research exists dedicated to the subject. For this new study, ARTENSO is collaborating with the Conseil québécois des arts médiatiques (CQAM), which has established an innovative program of artist residencies in digital production companies with the participation of three Montréal structures: Turbulent and VYV studios and the university research centre Milieux. Initially, the research proposed to follow the development of residencies underway in these three structures. However, the COVID-19 health crisis in spring 2020 led to the postponement or cancellation of projects and reoriented the research toward residencies already completed.


This research is composed of two general components:

  • A synthesis of comparative studies aimed at assembling documentation on artist residencies in companies in various regions of the world;
  • An evaluative analysis of residencies overseen by CQAM, through analysis of the reports, as well as interviews with artists, company employees and directors, the CQAM team, and other intermediaries.


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Researchers :

Sylvain Martet, Research Director, Artenso
Raquel Cruz-Crespo, Research Assistant